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Review Summary
Whitesmoke grammar software has a very well program compatibility. You can use it on Mac or Windows, and direct use it with all text based programs.
You need an internet connection.You must pay much more money for a Excutive Version, Only purchased General Version will not get more writing helps!
4.80/5 4.80/5 4.80/5 4.80/5 4.80/5
   4.8 / 5

Who Is It For?

WhiteSmoke Writer is used by children at school, adults in the workplace, by people learning English as a second language, and by corporate professionals writing business reports and documentation. Any who is writing English, either online or on the desktop, can benefit from WhiteSmoke Writer’s text correction and enhancement.


WhiteSmoke Writer is the latest version of WhiteSmoke’s acclaimed writing and grammar software. A significant upgrade from WhiteSmoke 2009, WhiteSmoke Writer introduces new features and enhancements that make correcting and enhancing your writing a breeze. For writers of all skill level, WhiteSmoke Writer is the all-in-one solution for error-free and persuasive writing.

Whitesmoke Grammar Software Review

Whitesmoke Writer 2010 has a new feature named "Writing Review". Writing Review is an overall summary of the text WhiteSmoke has analyzed, going beyond the specific corrections and enhancements that WhiteSmoke Writer makes to give you additional facts and an overall score for the piece of writing. Writing Review Software solutions have never been this easy or useful!

This demo will show you how writing review works.

Whitesmoke T-Gen: The new and enhanced version of WhiteSmoke Writer.

It includes 2 revolutionary features – Writing Tool Menu © and the Email Checker Tool ©.

The Writing Tool Menu enables you to find the right synonyms for each word, add adjectives & adverbs to enhance your writing, provide examples that will help you use the word properly, find the right definition and perform an online search for each chosen word.

The Email Checker Tool is a one-of-a-kind tool that enables you to check each and every email before you send it, gives a score to your text, and helps you send a properly written email in a click of a mouse button.

T-Gen Demo will show you how whitesmoke T-Gen works.

As we all know, whitesmoke provides the world-leading writing solutions. Yes, if you are using english as a second language (ESL), i think any versions of whitesmoke will very suitable.

But if you are using english as a first language (EFL), i don’t think only General Version of whitesmoke can provide helps that you want, i strongly recommend you purchase The Excutive Version of Whitesmoke, or choosing stylewriter software.

What Peoples are Saying?

"I love this program. You guys have come up with a great product that really helps me write better. Keep up the good work!"
— Louise Symons, USA

"My English is quite good, but I still manage to catch a lot of errors with WhiteSmoke, so it is a big help."
Bjorn Nillson, Sweden

"I am learning ESL and WhiteSmoke really helps. My writing improves daily, and the corrections it makes help me learn English writing."
Kim Sung Mo, Korea

"I have a blog in English, and WhiteSmoke catches all my grammar and spelling errors before I publish. My writing is more confident, and my readers love the content."
Hans Spielberg, Germany

"English is not my first language, so I use WhiteSmoke to fix my grammar mistakes at work. It is a real help. Thanks."
Veronica Sanchez, Australia

“The software’s secret sauce is its online database, which crawls news and business websites every day and “reads” all the sentences using WhiteSmoke’s proprietary algorithms.”

Business 2.0 Review

“WhiteSmoke’s software looks to improve documents in two ways. First, it runs a grammar and spell check, trying to find things missed by the standard tools found in e-mail and word processing"

CNet Review

“[A] new Facebook application has been launched and it looks like a sure winner when it comes to grammar correcting.”

SoftPedia Review